Weather & Tides in Poole Harbour

Checking the weather forecast for wind and visibility is essential to ensure an enjoyable ride. Aside to that, knowing the tide times allows us to know when we can launch & recover our PWC (jetski). 

Get Tide and Weather information for Poole Harbour: 

Weather in Poole Harbour

Tide Times in Poole Harbour

How to calculate tidal heights?

Chart Datum (C.D.)

Review a chart to find the chart datum at the slipway / location you will be visiting.

Tidal Info for the day

Go to EasyTide or review the Poole Harbour Tide Tables above to view the tidal data for the day. 

+ 1 hour for BST

If the tide table shows predictions in UTC then + 1 hour to the tide times shown if its currently British Summer Time.

C.D. + Tide = ?

Chart Datum + Tidal Info = 'Actual' Tide height. 
E.G. 0.2m + 1.1m = 1.3m at 11:51