Jetskiing in Poole

Poole Harbour and the surrounding areas is truly an epic place to learn to ride a jetski (PWC), gain experience or to launch and go out on an adventure to explore the local coastline.
We have developed this site in order to help you have the best possible experience here, offer you local knowledge and protect our area to ensure the future use by all PWC (jetski) riders. 

Jetski (PWC) in Poole Harbour

Jetski Rules Poole Harbour

What are the rules to ride a jetski (PWC) in Poole Harbour?

Like everywhere and everything you do, there are rules (byelaws) on where you can and can't go, what you must do and what you must have. Make sure you know what these are before you go to save yourself from potential prosecution. 

Where to launch your jetski (PWC) in Poole Harbour?

Poole Harbour has a number of accessible locations to launch your jetski (PWC) + tidal information so you know when to launch & recover ! 

Where to go on your Jetski (PWC)?

Poole Harbour and the surrounding areas has so many beautiful places to visit and explore. If you're a new rider you can gain experience within Poole Harbour by staying in the safety of the PWC (jetski) zone. For those with experience there are a number of local adventures to take! 

Local Jetski (PWC) Services

Whether you're looking to refuel, get your PWC serviced or repaired, buy jetski (PWC) personal or safety kit & parts or take an RYA PWC (jetski) Training course, Poole Harbour has all of these services and more.  

Other Useful Links: 

Poole Harbour Commissoners

Poole Harbour Commissioners
Poole Harbour Commissioners is a trust, which means it is an independent statutory body, governed by legislation, the latest of which is the Poole Harbour Revision Order 2015. 

Dorset Marine Police

Dorset Marine Police
Contact Dorset Marine Police to report a crime. 

Royal Yachting Association

Royal Yachting Association
The Royal Yachting Association is the national body for dinghy, yacht and motor cruising, all forms of sail racing, RIBs and sports boats, windsurfing and personal watercraft and a leading representative for inland waterways cruising.

Personal Watercraft Partnership

Personal Watercraft Partnership
‘Action not Reaction’ is the PWP motto and we endeavour to help authorities implement effective PW management schemes for the benefit of all.

Datatag PWC Security
The Datatag PWC system consists of a range of electronic transponders, Datadots®, Datatag forensic chemical DNA and visible ID labels that display unique identification numbers.

HM Coastguard

Poole Coastguard Rescue
HM Coastguard is the national maritime 999 service for search and rescue which might include sending coastguard rescue teams, helicopters or lifeboats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Get your Ships' radio and portable VHF licence here.. 

PWC Management Guide

Personal Watercraft Management Guide
This guide is aimed at local and harbour authorities. Examples of PWC (jetski) management case studies. 

Getting afloat safely on your PWC (jetski) - Short Videos

Personal & PWC Safety kit items

Preparing your PWC for a day out.. 

Easy launching & Departure from a floating dock

Developing low speed PWC handling skills

Poole Jetski Guide